My Mission Statement

I am on mission to give you 1. Information about Pinterest 2. How to use Pinterest 3. The business aspects of Pinterest 4. How to utilize Pinterest for business growth 5. How to expand your growth in Pinterest to obtain more followers. And most Importantly 6. How to have fun on Pinterest!

Yes, this blog will teach you the in and outs of Pinterest. I will try to break it down so that that anyone, even pre-Pinterest users, have a chance to begin their social network journey of pictures and have a blast while doing it. I plan on giving you the Pinterest tips and tricks that will not only expand your networking but give you hard to find knowledge to be an expert “pinner”.

4 responses

    • Thank you very much Kathy Standenk. It was so easy to make, I really enjoy this whole blogging thing. It’s so fun, I hope we go on to use this throughout the semester. I apologize for not being able to make it the other day without warning (it was rather sudden and could not report my absence beforehand). Next time I will e-mail you to let you know if I can not make it.

  1. I actually blog as well and I’m authoring something related to this blog,
    “My Mission Statement | The Business of Pinterest”.

    Do you really care in cases where I personallyemploy some of
    your personal ideas? Thank you -Fredericka

    • No, this blog is strictly informative. It is meant for people to use this blog so that they may apply it as their own. I hope you do employ some of the ideas here on this blog. I’d be insulted if you didn’t Fredericka 🙂 Thanks for your interest on my Business of Pinterest. Read, use anyway you want, and enjoy.

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